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Trivia Answers

  1. The Pittsford Town Hall was built in 1890.
  2. The University of Rochester formerly owned Oak Hill Country Club.
  3. The break occurred Tuesday, October 29, 1974 near Bushnell's Basin.
  4. On the gates to Stonegate Lane (on South Main Street, opposite the St. Louis Church).
  5. The Pittsford Post Office was located at 19 Monroe Avenue.
  6. Simon and Israel Stone were the Town founders.
  7. Pittsford celebrate its Bi-Centennial in 1989.
  8. There are four chimneys are on the Phoenix Building (located on South Main St., opposite Town Hall).
  9. Star Market grocery store was at the location of the current Pittsford Library.
  10. The Hawley Farm raised Shetland ponies.
  11. Thirsty's Bar was formerly known as Windy's Tavern.
  12. The Pittsford Community Library was located in that building.
  13. Prior to 2006 the Town logo was a Copper Beech tree.
  14. The Grange was a farmers' organization also known as "Patrons of Husbandry."
  15. The last class to graduate from Lincoln Avenue School was The Class of 1951.
  16. The Little House, which was moved to 18 Monroe Avenue from its original location directly across the street, has served many functions over its lifetime.
  17. The trolley station was located on the current site of the Pittsford Pub.
  18. Horse blocks can be found at 19 State Street and 83 South Main Street.
  19. The Phoenix Hotel fire was in 1959.
  20. The Women's Christian Temperance Union donated a water fountain that was placed in the State Street median near the intersection of Main Street.
  21. John King once owned the land the park is on. The Erie Canal ran west through his property and then turned sharply north. That bend became known as King's Bend.
  22. The Lafayette office building is located at 19 State St. (See #18 above).
  23. The train wreck of 1907 occurred on a section of track that ran through the Mitchell Road area (now the "Canal Park Trailway").
  24. Penn St., a fitting name for a street that led to Penfield, is now called Washington Rd.
  25. Thornell's Garage sold cars manufactured by Nash.
  26. There are four cemeteries are in Pittsford. 
    1-Pioneer (Milepost) Cemetery                         3- East St Cemetery (Corner of Park Rd.)
    2-Joshua Lillie Cemetery (Wilmarth Rd.)          4-Pittsford Cemetery (East Ave Rd.)      
  27. Col. Caleb Hopkins chose the name "Pittsford" for our community.
  28. Our town has been known as Northfield, Boyle, Smallwood and finally in 1814, Pittsford.
  29. The renovated Town Hall opened in July 1988.
  30. East St. was so dubbed because soil there was so poor only corn would grow.
  31. The total Town budget in 1895 was $3,200.
  32. In 1789, Simon and Israel Stone purchased over 13,000 acres for 36¢ each.
  33. Simon and Israel Stone were cousins.
  34. A barn dating back to 1842 can be found on Knickerbocker Hill (173 Knickerbocker Road).
  35. Wadhams & Rand established Powder Mill and manufactured mining, sporting and blasting powder.
  36. Canal excavation began in Rome, New York.
  37. The original Erie Canal was 363 miles long.
  38. The original Erie Canal was 4 feet deep.
  39. Governor DeWitt Clinton was in office when construction began on the canal.
  40. Lock 32 is located at Clover Street.
  41. The Erie Canal connected Buffalo (west terminus) and Albany (east terminus).
  42. The canal took 8 years to complete.
  43. The Great Embankment presented an engineering/construction problem.
  44. Packet boats carried passengers on the Erie Canal.
  45. Canal construction cost New York State 3 million dollars.
  46. Thirty-one men from Pittsford served in the Civil War; 19 returned.
  47. Pittsford's first subdivision was named Long Meadow.
  48. The Marquis DeNonville historic marker can be found on Route 96 near Oak Hill Country Club.
  49. The Town of Pittsford has approximately 25,000 residents (SOURCE: 2000 Census).
  50. The First Patent historic marker was removed from the Pioneer Burial Ground when it was discovered that the information contained on the marker was erroneous.