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Historical Markers

The community's historical markers are documented in a 1993 edition of the booklet "Historical Markers in Pittsford, New York" published by the Town of Pittsford. The booklet contains pictures and explanatory text for each of the thirteen markers as well as a map showing their locations and a brief history of the town.

The booklet is on sale at the Pittsford Town Hall, the Pittsford Village Office, the Pittsford Community Library, and Historic Pittsford's "Little House." The text and pictures were provided by Councilman John A Berggren.

"Historical markers are one way of showing our pride in Pittsford's rich heritage as the area's first settlement in 1789 by Revolutionary War veterans," says Town Historian Audrey Johnson, "and we plan to install additional markers in the future."

Among Pittsford's "firsts" for the area are the first physician, the first school, the first library, the first lawyer, the first post office, and the first newspaper.

A portrait of Colonel Hopkins hangs in the homestead and a photograph of it has been made available to us to be hung in a prominent place in the Pittsford Town Hall.