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Town of Pittsford Sidewalk Projects

Calkins-Tobey-Mendon Center “Safe Routes to School” Project

The NYS grant-funded portion of the project was completed in 2016, with sidewalks constructed along the south side of Calkins Road and the east side of Mendon Center Road, from Calkins Road Middle School to Mendon Center Elementary School, as well as along the east side of Tobey Road, from Calkins Road to Trotters Field Run.  A signalized pedestrian crosswalk was installed at the Calkins-Tobey-Mendon Center intersection. In 2017, the Town extended the sidewalk along Tobey Road to Stone Road.  The project provided safe access for children to walk and bike to school and connected existing walkways within the surrounding residential area.

East Avenue Sidewalks Project

East Ave Sidewalk Project Phase 1 Map         East Ave Sidewalk Project Phases 1-4 Map

Completed in 2020, the Town’s East Avenue Sidewalk Project focused on providing safe pedestrian access along East Avenue from the adjoining neighborhoods, colleges and the Village of Pittsford. Phase I of the proposed project included sidewalk construction along the west side of North Main Street/East Avenue from the Village line to the south entrance of Kilbourn Road. Phase II included sidewalks on the west side of East Avenue from Kilbourn Road to Fairport Road, and along the south side of East Avenue to the Brighton town line. Phase III of the project constructed sidewalks along the east side of East Avenue from Alpine Drive to Fairport Road, along the north and south sides of Fairport Road from Murphy Hall (near the Fairport Road exit of Alpine Drive) to the East Avenue intersection, and continuing along the north side of Fairport Road to the north entrance of Kilbourn Road.