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The Pittsford Political Equality Club

19th Amendment

Pittsford residents worked actively to win women the right to vote. The Monroe County Mail on September 19, 1901 described how at a meeting of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Gertrude Wilmarth Lash “... spoke in the interest of the Political Equality Club, with the object of starting a club in Pittsford among members of the W.C.T.U.”

The Club had its first meeting on September 6, 1902. Like so many who worked for suffrage, many of the founding members never lived to see women vote. 
Founding Members of the Pittsford Political Equality Club
Died Before August 1920
Gertrude Wilmarth Lash*
Louise Meyer Van Buskirk
Maria Boughton Crump*
Mary Helen Shepard Light*
May Malone Stalter
Died After August 1920
Eva Francis Curtiss Tousey*
Eva Gillam Emmons*
Mary Jane Austin Agate*
Romaine Hayward Lusk*
Harriet Seeley Whatley
Mina Anscomb Powell*
Pearl Kenyon Eckler
Mary Sutherland True*
Christine Boughton Dunning
* buried in Pittsford Cemetery

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