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Take our Pittsford Pollinator Pathway Challenge

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Make your yard pollinator-friendly and receive a Pollinator Pathway sign.
We’ve launched a new program that will beautify your yard while you help our local pollinators – the Pittsford Pollinator Pathway Challenge! In collaboration with Color Pittsford Green, we’ve gathered habitat tips and a list of trees, shrubs and perennial plants that can help you establish part of a pollinator pathway in your own yard.  Pollinator pathways provide corridors of critical healthy habitat and food sources for butterflies, moths, bees and other pollinating insects and wildlife. 
It's easy to participate: 

  • Find our tree, shrub and plant list submission form using the link or go to our web page at
  • Tell us which newly planted and existing native plants, shrubs and trees you have from our list (at least 10 total needed) 
  • Provide water and shelter for pollinators
  • Avoid all pesticides use
  • Submit your completed form at the Spiegel Pittsford Community Center front desk, 35 Lincoln Avenue during facility hours; see facility hours here
  • Pick up your Pittsford Pollinator Pathway sign at the Community Center when you drop off your completed form
  • Display your sign in your yard!

Helping pollinators is not only good for our environment – it helps birds too. The native trees and shrubs on our list are hosts for caterpillars, a critical food source for nearly all baby birds. No caterpillars, no baby birds!

We'll be updating habitat tips and garden ideas seasonally in the Town eNews, on our Facebook page and on our website at Be sure to  check for updates!

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