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COVID-19 Coronavirus Town Response Info Online 3/12/20

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

A Message from the Supervisor 3/12/20

Fellow Pittsford Residents:

I want to give you all a status report on the Town’s efforts in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.  First, you should know that as we proceed, we’re erring on the side of caution.  Based on the information available, the crisis is real.  It’s spreading in the U.S. and in New York.  As a result, we’re reviewing plans continually.  As the situation changes, we’re poised and ready to adapt plans and procedures accordingly.
Since early this week, various members of my senior staff, our Emergency Management Coordinator and I have been conferring as we’ve monitored advice and information on COVID-19 from County, State and Federal health agencies as more has become available.  This morning we held an Emergency Preparedness meeting with all Town Department Heads, the Emergency Management Coordinator, the Head of Building Maintenance, Village Mayor Bob Corby and the Village Clerk.  The purpose was to review and discuss instructions to employees, and to review and discuss the draft response plans for coping with the COVID-19 threat and preparing for it.

We’ve completed this revision and are implementing the Plan’s provisions immediately.   You can view it here, at Please take a look at the Plan, since it includes cancellations of programs and events starting right away.  Some of these may affect you and your family.

There is greater detail behind many of the points contained in the Plan and not all of this is necessarily stated in the document itself.

The Town and Village are working together closely on dealing with the COVID-19 threat.  As the Town and Village receive additional information from the Monroe County Department of Health, the State and the CDC, we will revise and augment this Plan accordingly.  As experience demonstrates in the past 24 hours alone, needs and plans can change from day to day or from hour to hour. 

Working together we can minimize risk for everyone.  Wishing good health to you all.

Bill Smith, Pittsford Town Supervisor

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