Town Store

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The following items are available to purchase at the Perinton Town Hall,
1350 Turk Hill Road
Mon.-Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Item Description Cost
Backpacks   Sturdy, navy with waterproof bottom and logo   $25.00
Bicentennial Book Windows to the Past, by Jean Keplinger $25.00
Blankets   Red, green, gray or navy fleece   $20.00
Cresent Trail Map   Section maps of the trail, for self-guided hiking   $1.00
Crocks   Blue/gray ceramic with town logo   $20.00
Duffel/Beach Bag   Blue and white striped with handle   $15.00
Gift Certificates   Recreation and Parks   $10.00
Gift Certificates   Recreation and Parks   $20.00
Hand Wraps   Used in fitness programs   $6.00
Headphone adapter only      $1.00
Headphone with Adapter   Headphone for fitness audio   $7.00
Lanyard   Blue lanyard with fish   $4.00
Lanyards   Blue with "Perinton, NY" in white letters   $3.00
License Plate Holder   White with Blue Lettering-   $1.00
Notecard Pack   Perinton pictures-per pack of 10-Scenes from Bushnell's Basin and Egypt   $4.00
Rec & Parks Tee Shirt   Choose from 10 different colors sized YL to Adult XL   $7.00
Rec & Parks Long Sleeve Shirt Adult Sizes - Carolina Blue $10.00
Sports Bag   Over-the-shoulder bag with PCC Logo   $6.00
Swim Cap   Sprint Caps-various colors-latex   $3.00
Swim cap   Sprint Caps-various colors-lycra   $5.00
Swim Diapers   Huggies Little Swimmers   $3.00
Swim goggles   Kiefer goggles (blue)   $5.00
Tee Shirt with Crescent Trail Logo   Blue shirt with white lettering   $9.00
Tee Shirt-long sleeve   Artwork design-Forest Green or Navy Blue   $12.00
Tee Shirt-short sleeve   Artwork design-oatmeal   $7.00
Towels (38x72)   Variety of colors, oversized, plush   $15.00
Town Map      $1.00
Track lap counters   Plastic hand held lap counter   $5.00
Tune Belt Carrier   Carry radio's etc.   $20.00
Umbrella-golf sized   Perinton Logo-Navy   $15.00
Vests   Navy fleece with town logo   $25.00