Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

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Perinton Recreation and Parks has established a Teen Advisory Board for Fairport students; Junior TAB is for grades 6-9 and Senior TAB is for grades 10-12.  The teens will be empowered to develop and implement programs and activities for continued growth of the Lions Den Teen Center. The Teen Center will encourage a healthy lifestyle for our teens, and will enforce a drug free/ alcohol free/ violence free zone. 


  • TAB will help plan and implement programs, activities, classes, workshops, guest speakers, tournaments, field trips, and community service projects.
  • TAB will promote upcoming events to classmates through announcements, Student Council, posters, flyers, and by word-of-mouth.
  • Members will be expected to arrive promptly for meetings and to stay committed to attending meetings on a regular basis.  


  • New TAB members will be recruited throughout the year, and encouraged to serve as long as they are willing to remain active and productive.
  • TAB members are required to register as a member of the Lions Den Teen Center, and to fill out a TAB Membership Form.
  • TAB members will have the opportunity to serve on sub-committees that will be formed as the need arises.
  • TAB members will be expected to show respect to fellow members and guests at meetings, by giving them full attention while they are speaking.
  • TAB members will act as leaders and role models in their community, at their schools, and when participating in Teen Center activities and events. They are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. 


The Teen Advisory Board will elect an Executive Board from its membership. Members of the Executive Board are leaders in training and are to serve as role models to other TAB members. The elected officers; with assistance, will work to develop skills related to their officer positions, to uphold the responsibilities of, and remain committed to their position for a one-year term.     

  • The CHAIRPERSON  is responsible for conducting  the monthly meetings with the help of the Teen Program Coordinator. The Chairperson and the Teen Program Coordinator will discuss the agenda prior to the meeting either over the phone or via email. The Chairperson will communicate to the Vice Chairperson and the Teen Program Coordinator in a timely manner if he/she is not able to fulfill his/her duties.   
  • The VICE CHAIRPERSON is responsible for conducting TAB meetings in the absence of the Chairperson, will assume specific leadership responsibilities as determined by the Chairperson, and will assist the Chairperson in fulfilling his/her responsibilities as needed. 
  • The SECRETARY is responsible for all communications for TAB, and will keep the record of the minutes using the predetermined format. 
  • The TAB MENTOR VOLUNTEERS are TAB Members in grades 9-12 that are interested in volunteering to help out and act as role models to younger students at the Saturday Activity Night program. This is a program that is held weekly during the school year at the Teen Center. A completed Perinton Recreation and Parks Volunteer Form is required, and TAB Mentor Volunteers should be scheduled in advance to work on any given Saturday night by the Teen Program Coordinator.
  • The PROGRAM AMBASSADORS are responsible for promoting Teen Center programs at their schools and to their classmates. There will be a minimum of one Program Ambassador assigned to Minerva DeLand, Martha Brown, and Johanna Perrin. The Program Ambassadors will attend Student Council meetings, and will make school announcements, as per predetermined protocol with the school principals by the Teen Program Coordinator.  


  • TAB will meet once a month to continue to develop, plan, and implement programs and activities for the Teen Center, and stay informed of upcoming events.
  • Special meetings will be scheduled on occasion by the Chairperson and/or the Teen Program Coordinator.
  • Each fall, a calendar of regularly scheduled meeting will be distributed to TAB members. 

TAB WILL BEGIN MEETING IN JANUARY 2015. Check back at a later date for the meeting calendar. 
Perinton Recreation and Parks is pleased to have you serve as a member of its Teen Advisory Board. TAB's success will be determined by each member's commitment, ideas, and input. If for some reason, you are no longer able to serve as member of TAB, please inform the Teen Program Coordinator.